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West London Family Garden

The landscaping for this stunning Georgian property in the heart of West London has been a rewarding project, involving extensive collaboration with the client.


The layout configures with the architectural lines of the external walls, extending them into

the main sunken terrace to create a formal design close to the house and a large outdoor kitchen dining area.


The original hard landscape had limited level changes towards the house entrance and the new design had to take into consideration the end goal of practical, useable spaces with comfortable gradients.


Details include sawn limestone paving, rendered walls with integrated cedar seating

and a statement steel pergola.


An extensive electrical scheme was created and the lighting at dusk accentuates the features of the garden. The client is able to operate the lights remotely via a phone app.


In addition to the outdoor kitchen, the client’s wish-list included a fire pit area, outdoor studio and a garden pod.


The exterior edges of the formal planting beds adjacent to the house are a combination of structural and organic.


Our skilled in-house installation team, working alongside specialist technicians; delivered a complex scheme with an abundance of bespoke elements.


This project showcases our attention to detail and the results are spectacular.

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