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Highgate Family Garden

The point at which our interior and exterior spaces meet is so important. Our client wanted a seamless flow which helps to bring the outside in and it is always great to be able to inject our client’s style into the design.

We used large format porcelain tiles in a grid pattern to create a feeling of width to the garden. The main lawn has a matching porcelain trim around its perimeter, in order to separate it from the surrounding planting and serves as a mowing strip to assist with maintenance. A second terrace area provides additional seating areas to enjoy the garden throughout the day and the client’s choice of rattan furniture which can be combined when not in use to maximise the space.

The wildflower area at the rear of the garden is a great place for children to explore. It is low maintenance and will need only one cut per year and its prolonged flowering period will provide aesthetic pleasure throughout the year.

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