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Karat Landscapes is an established landscape and garden design company, building the finest gardens in London and the Home Counties.

We are passionate about your outdoor space; creating beautiful, bespoke, high quality gardens and landscapes.





A great garden begins with a great design and our team of in-house garden designers and horticulturalists work closely with you to create a garden that not only looks fantastic, but is also practical and easy to maintain. 


There are four stages to the design process - survey, concept, masterplan and planting plan. ​​​

1. Consultation 

Karat landscapes consultation

The process begins with a complimentary consultation on site to discuss your garden in detail, including your desired layout and planting preferences. You may know exactly how you want your garden to look and feel or you may not know where to begin. Either way, we will be able to give you ideas and advice at this meeting on what can be achieved and explain how various options for you garden can be implemented.  

The consultation will be followed up with a detailed proposal highlighting all the points discussed.

2. Survey 

Karat landscapes survey

Before we begin work designing you a beautiful garden we need to find out a few key details, such as the exact size and shape of the area, the heights and falls of the land, where the services and drains are located and the position of existing trees and plants. To find out this information we conduct a thorough and extensive survey of the garden. 

This will typically be carried out by members of our design and construction team. We take photographs from every angle whilst surveying, so that these can be referred to back in the studio when drawing up the survey. ​

3. Design

Karat landscapes design

Following the initial consultation, we arrange for our in-house qualified garden designer to visit  you at your own convenience. Here, we discuss possibilities within your space and how to fulfill its potential based on your preferences (e.g. traditional, contemporary, low maintenance, child-friendly).

We take any preferred planting and hard landscaping materials mentioned in the initial consultation into consideration (e.g. timber, stone, etc.) We also discuss the practical and aesthetic value of landscaping surfaces, selecting the best ones to suit your environment.

4. Construction 

Karat landscapes construction

When you’ve approved the design, it’s time to commence construction. This is an exciting part of the journey, where the garden gradually begins to take shape.
Timings naturally vary from project to project, however, each is built with the same care and attention by our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen who all share a passion for perfection.


Using our hands-on approach and ensuring we keep regular contact with you, we can guarantee that this phase of the project is dealt with seamlessly and to the agreed timings.

5. Planting

Karat landscapes planting

This is the final, magical stage, where everything comes together. The choice and shape of plants plays a big part in your garden’s atmosphere. The colour and texture provided by plant combinations, coupled with the design scheme which adds form and texture, truly transforms your space. In addition, hand-picked fragrant plants have a mesmerising effect on the senses.


Before we leave you to enjoy your new space, we offer extensive advice on caring for your new garden day-to-day and of course, we are just a phone call away if you ever need us.


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